You're welcome to nominate products to appear on our shortlists, no matter when you work for the brand or just love the product! A nomination does not guarantee that the product will be on the shortlist, but every nomination will be seen by our judges.

To be eligible for the TechRadar Choice Awards 2024, products must have been released for sale after August 1, 2023 – and must be available for us to review, if necessary.

The following categories are exceptions from the release date rules, and any product may be entered as long as it is currently on sale: Best Fitness App, Best Smart Lights, Best Gaming Service, and all Streaming categories.

Phone of the Year
Best Value Phone
Best Mid-Range Phone
Best Folding Phone
Best Flip Phone
Best Camera Phone
Best Gaming Phone
Best Phone Accessory
Best Tablet
Best Value Tablet
Best eReader

Laptop of the Year
Best Value Laptop
Best Gaming Laptop
Best Chromebook
Best Gaming PC
Best Value Gaming PC
Best Computing Innovation
Best Processor

Health and Fitness Device of the Year
Best Smartwatch
Best Running Watch
Best Fitness Tracker
Best Smart Ring
Best Fitness App
Best Electric Toothbrush
Best Smart Scales
Best Connected Fitness Tech
Best Electric Bike

Home Device of the Year
Best Smart Lights
Best Home Security Camera
Best Video Doorbell
Best Robot Vacuum
Best Vacuum
Best Air Fryer
Best Blender
Best Coffee Machine
Best Haircare Tech

TV of the Year
Best Gaming TV
Best TV for Sound
Best Mid-range TV
Best Value TV
Best Projector
Best Portable Projector
Best Ultra Short Throw Projector
Best Gaming Projector
Best Soundbar
Best Value Soundbar
Best TV Streaming Device

Streamer of the Year
Best for Films
Best for Documentaries
Best for TV Series
Best for Value

Game of the Year
Best Mobile Gaming Accessory
Best PC Gaming Handheld
Best Console Accessory
Best Gaming Service
Best Gaming Controller 
Best Gaming Keyboard
Best Gaming Mouse
Best Gaming Headset
Best Gaming Monitor
Best Gaming Chair

Headphones of the Year
Best Wireless Headphones
Best Wireless Earbuds
Best Value Earbuds
Best Value Headphones
Best Wired Earbuds
Best Wired Headphones
Best Bluetooth Speaker
Best Wireless Speaker
Best Portable Audio Player
Best Turntable
Best Soundbar
Best Value Soundbar

Camera of the Year
Best Beginner Mirrorless Camera
Best Mid-Range Mirrorless Camera
Best Professional Mirrorless Camera
Best Video Camera
Best Instant Camera
Best Action Camera
Best Dash Cam
Best Camera Lens
Best Compact Camera
Best Camera Accessory
Best Drone